The founder of our firm TANER ÇAĞATAY has been dealing with insurance brokerage in USA for 17 years.Our firm in Turkey was established in Turkey in May 2001.The comapny has been active since July 2001 on which date.We obtained the permission to oparete from Prime Ministry’s Treasury under secretary.


What the advantages of working with Çağatay Brokerage?

 Çağatay Brokerage with national and worldwide capabilities.And our full service brokarage offering abroad range of property/casualty,employee benefits, financial services/ personal insurance coverages and risk management solutions.Our Professional team serve you who are educated, resourceful, creative and customer orianted.They are there to save you on insurance costs and provide you wider coverage for your policies.

 We represent most of the national Turkish insurance companies well as many reinsurance firms worldwide in Europe, London, U.S.A and Russia.

 We have resources to reduce claims experience and educate your team and save you administrative time and expense.During your claim we are deer to help you.

Taner Çağatay, M.A.